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Judicial Council of Georgia

new  Policies and Fees for Court Reporting Services in Criminal Cases

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2015 LEAP Seminar

Date: Friday, August 28, 2015
Location: The State Bar Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia

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Advisory Opinion 2015-1

 Information on Electronic Signatures to Certify Court Transcripts.

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Latest News

Certification and Training Standards for Realtime Reporting in Court Proceedings

At the behest of the Judicial Council Court Reporting Matters Committee, the Board of Court Reporting of the Judicial Council of Georgia in consultation with the Court Reporters' Training Council are developing certification and training standards for realtime reporting in Georgia. After research and examination of existing realtime policy requirements with the Georgia Certified Court Reporters Association and the Georgia Shorthand Reporters Association representatives, the Court Reporters’ Training Council recommends a policy change for court reporters seeking to offer realtime services in Georgia trial courts. A copy of the recommendation can be accessed here. The Board of Court Reporting welcomes your feedback as it deliberates the recommendations from the Court Reporters’ Training Council and the Judicial Council Court Reporting Matters Committee. You may submit written comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 18, 2015.

Georgia Court Registrar (GCR) - 2015 Renewal Reminder

The 2015 Renewal season opened on February 2, 2015. All court reporters and court reporting firms will complete the online renewal application via the Georgia Courts Registrar (GCR).  To renew, you must log in to the GCR using your previously established username and password.  Please find below a few steps to help you complete the renewal process.

  • Open in your web browser.  To ensure the most user friendly experience make certain to start the renewal application in the Google Chrome web browser.  A free download of the Google Chrome web browser is available on the GCR login page.
  • For detailed instructions download the Step-by-Step User guide on the GCR login screen.
  • Firm Owners please review the Firm Renewal Applications section of the User Guide for additional instructions on how to access your firms profile page.
  • Log in to your profile by entering your username or email and password.  Please DO NOT attempt to renew by creating a “New Account”.
  • Did you forget your password?  Enter your email in the top box above the login button.  Then, click Forgot Password.  Answer the security questions and choose a new password that is at least eight characters including one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one special character located above the one through zero on the keyboard.  Retype this password in the bottom box. Then click Reset Password.  Should you require additional technical support, contact us by email,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .    
  • Review and update any personal profile information and click “Save”.  After clicking “Save” you will be prompted to reenter your current password in the “Password for Save” field.  
  • At the bottom of the Profile page, click “Questionnaire 1 – Renewal Application.”   Carefully review and verify a response is provided for EVERY question.  Some renewal application questions require yearly updates and will require that you select a response.  Choose your answers, and then click Submit at the bottom of the Questionnaire.
  • Follow the Step-by-Step User guide to eliminate red tiles.
  • Once you have answered every question within the Questionnaire and clicked Submit, you will see a new, green Payment button at the bottom of your profile directly next to the Reset Password button. Click Payment and complete that section.

You may log in as many times as you wish to complete your application. However, our office will not review or accept your application until you have completed all steps and have paid your fees.  Once our staff has approved it, you will receive an email and be able to print out your 2015 certificate.
To check on the status of your application please log into your account and review the status indicators on your profile page. Once all tiles are green and your status is changed to “approved” your renewal is complete. If any tiles are red your application has not been submitted. Please read through the instructions to complete your application.