Legislative Positions of the Judicial Branch
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SB 101

SB 101 would authorize weapons permit holders to carry guns into unsecured buildings which house government offices, and this provision could be read to include courthouses. The Judicial Council supports the placement of language in SB 101 that states “courthouses as defined by Code Section 16-11-127 are prohibited places for carrying weapons.”

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HB 438

HB 438 amends O.C.G.A. § 15-23-7 to increase the maximum filing fee that may be charged and collected by local programs to support court-connected or court-referred alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs from $7.50 to $10 per civil filing.

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              HB 579

HB 579 allows members of the Georgia Judicial Retirement System serving in full-time positions at their retirement to use prior part-time service for purposes of vesting, on the same one-month credit per three-months part-time service currently used for calculating benefits.

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 House Retirement Committee
HB 1000

Tax intercept legislation would allow for debt collection from state income tax refunds for unpaid fines and fees due the court.

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SB 345

A general law allowing local courts to establish technology fees would: (1) alleviate concerns that piecemeal implementation is not in keeping with uniformity requirements; and (2) provide a consistent process for adoption by any court. This would also shorten the process for approving a fee since specific action by the General Assembly would no longer be required.

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SB 332

Raise the maximum fine for contempt in magistrate courts from $200 to $500.

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